This is some fishing story! 1893.


[We do not wish to carry the responsibility for the errors of the ideas printed below this title by our writers.]

The Starving Ones in the Upland are Saved, a Strange Fish was Landed.

O Kuokoa Newspaper

Aloha to you and your metal type setting boys, and your Editor.

Please take around those words placed above.

On Monday, the 4th of this month, a large strange fish was landed in Ewa; a fish of the deep sea.

And this is the story on that early morning of that day mentioned above.

Some folks went crabbing [?? kaau papai] on the shore of Kuloloia, and while they were peering and peeping for the muddy-mouthed sea creatures of Ewa, they passed by the mouth of the Mikiliwai River.

A person was swimming inland, and while he swam, three fish appeared. A kawakawa, a ulua kapapaokamoku, and an even stranger fish. A large ahi mahaoo. The first two fish passed by and disappeared. The last fish was chased after, for like a quarter mile.

They ran in front three times and three times back; on the third time running in front, that was when the head was hit with a stick.

The people who were chasing it were Miss Addie Keone, Samuela Keone, and Mrs. Kahihiku; the last name is the one who had the stick which hit the head. It was three feet or more, and two feet or more around. The starving ones of the upland were saved; beloved is the land of the fragrant bowers of hala.

There are two famous fishing spots

Hanakaulua and Kupakea.

G. M. Keoni [G. M. Keone].

Manana, Ewa, Sep. 6, 1893.

[Has anyone seen the term “kaau papai” before?]

(Kuokoa, 9/20/1893, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Puka La Kuokoa, Buke I, Helu  137, Aoao 3. Sepatemaba 20, 1893.

3 thoughts on “This is some fishing story! 1893.

  1. Mahalo! This is my Great Grandfather who wrote the article. Addie and Samuela are my grandmothers siblings. Very interested to find out if more articles are written by G. M. Keone

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