Experiment of Japanese laborers, 1868.


Arrival of Japanese Emigrants.—The British ship Scioto, Captain Reagan, arrived yesterday, 33 days from Yokohama, Japan, with the first instalment of Japanese laborers, selected and shipped to the Hawaiian Government by its Consul Mr. Van Reed. These laborers are in charge of Dr. D. J. Lee and Mr. A. D. Baum, who have taken special care to preserve the health of the passengers, and they have arrived in excellent condition. But one death has occurred during the passage, and there has been one birth. There are 148 passengers, six of whom are married and have their wives. The arrival of these laborers is opportune, and we doubt not they will all be readily engaged, though we have not learned the terms on which they can be had. Consul Van Reed, we understand, engaged with the old Government for a much larger number of emigrants, but the new Government made objections, and he was compelled to take the few which had already been secured. in all probability no obstructions will in future be placed in the way, as soon as the Japanese Government again becomes established. At all events, these will afford a fair opportunity for the experiment of Japanese laborers.

(PCA, 6/20/1868, p. 3)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XII, Number 49, Page 3. June 20, 1868.

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