Just because you find something in the newspaper, that does not necessarily make it true, 1889.


While hurricanes and cyclones howl with destructive fury over most of the oceans and seas of the world, the Hawaiian Islands have a singular immunity from gales of that nature. In March last it was demonstrated that very few portions of the South Pacific are free from periodical disturbances of the elements that culminate in destructive violence. Hurricanes sweep those waters with terrific fury, and with fearful loss of life and property. The Atlantic is also a storm-beat ocean, and its shores are exposed to the fury of its gales. The cyclones of the China seas, and of the Indian ocean, tell their tales of the storm fiend; and wherever our mind may wander over the storm tossed waters of the globe, whither-in blizzard of sirocco lands, the same tale of battling with the elements is told, except in the Hawaiian Islands. The immunity of these islands is really wonderful; set as they are in an ever comparatively tranquil sea, and under favorable conditions of climate that no other land can boast.

Nor is this all; the people of these islands have also an immunity from epidemic diseases which ravage other lands and which in some form or other spread death in all other countries. This is no overdrawn picture; it is the plain truth, and we are grateful.

[We are lucky that we have more time to prepare these days than in times past. Although we want to imagine ourselves immune as this one writer did over a century ago, we obviously are not. What do we lose erring on the side of caution?]

(PCA, 6/5/1889, p. 2)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume IX, Number 133, Page 2. June 5, 1889.

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