Anybody try out that Duolingo yet? What do you think? Okatoba 8, 2018.


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8 thoughts on “Anybody try out that Duolingo yet? What do you think? Okatoba 8, 2018.

  1. I have been, but because I tried the assessment (?) I’m not sure how to look for the lessons. I still had an account from about 8 years ago and I think I remember how much I did not like that site.

    It seems like with the Hawaiian, they distinguished “we” and “We” with the dual vs. more than 2, only inclusive. And there were other things that I learned that it did not like.

    There is a lot of “God” and “Jesus” phrases in there so it makes me curious the people who were used to come up with the sentences.

      • Oh yeah, so rather they get specific with the pronouns kāua vs kākou, which as I said could be confusing for learners (although I donʻt know how the teaching lessons are), they also should be more flexible with some of the translations for ʻo ia. I realized much later that it will accept he or she but he/she which it did not give a multiple choice, it found it to be incorrect.

        Iʻll try to finish the entire assessment/test by next week. It takes awhile to go through all of it.

          • I think this is one of the reasons why I abandoned duolingo. I was using another before that, moca cafe or something like that. I’ll definitely will have to explore more of this and will definitely try to give feedback.

  2. About myself, just for the context of how I am offering my impressions: I studied at the defunct College of Interpretation and Translation, U.H. and matriculated from Monterey Instituteʻs Graduate School of Translation and International, to include coursework in CAT/MAT. I also am certified in formation of translation programs. A priori, the initial virtual class “determiner” asks you to select the Hawaiian word for “the”. Options include “ke” and “ka”. Duolingo believes that “ka” is the answer, “ke” being incorrect, even though “ke kaikamahine” was introduced in the first panel of the course. At this point I questioned the pedagogical integrity of Duolingoʻs Hawaiian language course. I have done beta testing on CAT at Carnegie-Mellon, and am surprised and disappointed by my Duolingo experience, However, I applaud and encourage any efforts toward propagation of the Hawaiian language and so I thank you for sharing the Duolingo course. I have found Quizlet to be useful, but there are errors and typos to be found in the uploaded material, so one should be aware of that.

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