More on the kii found in Haleiwa, 1906.


Rev. W. D. Westervelt discovered an ancient Hawaiian idol in a taro pond near the Haleiwa hotel last week and will have the same sent to the Bishop Museum to be placed on exhibition.

The idol is made from a piece of ohia wood about eight feet long. There is a carved head and shoulders and a hole in the back just below the shoulders where offerings were placed by the worshipers. The idol is in a fine state of preservation. It is believed to be one of the “ghost” idols.

Manager Bidgood of the Haleiwa hotel wishes he had located the idol first as he would have made it one of the odd attractions of his hostelry grounds.

(PCA, 8/29/1906, p. 1)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XLIV, Number 7506, Page 1. August 29, 1906.

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