Wai o Koloa wind, 1869.

Wai o Koloa.—This is the name given by the natives to the wind that frequently, at this time of the year, blows from the direction of the Kaala range of hills, which form the western boundry of Oahu. It comes—to those who have lived for some time in the climate of Honolulu—with an invigorating coolness. At night, one requires an extra covering, sometimes even a blanket, and in the morning, the usual ablutions are cut short, the water having a feeling as though it had touched an ice-berg, all the way from the Arctic, while the shaving water is required to be warm. We believe, however, that the general opinion has prevailed that this season of the year is more healthy than the summer months.

(Hawaiian Gazette, 1/13/1869, p. 3)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume IV, Number 52, Page 3. January 13, 1869.


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