One hundred and fifty years ago, Au Okoa announces Kamakau’s history to continue in its columns, 1869.

Hawaiian History:—Seen on the first page of our paper this morning is the Hawaiian History written by our writer of history, S. M. Kamakau; it is the remainder from the history of the Kamehamehas printed in the Kuokoa; it was nearly discarded by its composer, therefore, we put aside columns of ours for him to put forth completely all that pertains. May our readers read it carefully and with consideration.

[S. M. Kamakau’s Hawaiian history runs in the Kuokoa newspaper from 10/20/1866 to 1/9/1869, and for some reason continues in Au Okoa from 1/7/1869 to 10/14/1869.]

(Au Okoa, 1/7/1869, p. 2)


Ke Au Okoa, Buke IV, Helu 38, Aoao 2. Ianuari 7, 1869.

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