Emma Rose writes again, 1909.


Southampton, March 29, 1909.

To Mr. James Steiner.

Dear Sir: The postals, album and papers, received, and I thank you very much for the kindly interest you have taken. The scenes are exceedingly satisfactory and some seem very familiar, also, many of the names. The places most prominent in my memory are the Catholic cathedral, the “Fuller” house, and “Father” Damon’s on Chaplain street, Dr. Hillebrand’s, home of P. C. Jones (and I think he would remember my father, Captain Jetur R. Rose of barks Pacific and Trident), and a large frame house on corner of Fort and Beretania avenue, once the home of Alfred J. Cartwright, and where we boarded when we were in port for a short time only. Pictures of these places would seem very home-like. Should you be able to locate the house in which I was born, I would consider it a great favor, if you would send me a picture of same. If you  are successful in the matter and would notify me in advance, I would forward the amount for a larger picture than postal size. I noticed the postage on package  sent, was twenty-five cents, so inclose stamps for same, also a few views of Southampton and one of my home. Is the F. B. Damon, assistant cashier of The Bank of Hawaii, son of “Father” Damon or grandson? Please excuse questions, but it is the only way to obtain information, and the recalling of half forgotten scenes and memories, seems to have brought me more in touch with my Island home. I have several copies of The Friend, which serves as another link, and a few years ago, I obtained a publication “Picturesque Hawaii,” that I found interesting.

Hoping to hear from you again, I remain, yours respectfully,


Southampton, Suffolk Co., N.Y., U.S.A.

(PCA, 4/15/1909, p. 10)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XLIX, Number 8325, Page 10. April 15, 1909.


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