More Emma Rose, 1909.


Southampton, May 20, 1909.

To Mr. James Steiner.

Dear Sir: Inclosed please find money order $1.50 for photos. I am very much obliged for all the trouble you have taken in my behalf, and am well pleased with the result.

When I received a letter from Miss M. A. Chamberlain, saying her mother and my mother were well acquainted, and that the old Rodgers house had been pulled down, I gave up all hope of ever getting the picture, but through your successful efforts and the kindness of the lady who loaned you the photo, my long-cherished desire has been gratified. The wonder is, how a picture with that particular house in the foreground, was ever taken, and how it has been preserved all these years.

A Mrs. Rogers is living near me who boarded there at the same time, and on showing her the picture, she immediately recognized it, and pointed out the rooms, both she and my  mother occupied.

Now, if I may tax your patience still further, I would like a photo of the “Fuller” house, and as you kindly offered to procure one for me, I accept with thanks, and will forward amount for same when I receive the bill.

Think I will follow your suggestion and write to Mrs. Castle.

The copy, of “The Friend” you so kindly sent, comes as an old acquaintance, as I have several numbers, printed when “Father Damon” was the editor.

Again thanking you for past favors. I remain,

Sincerely yours,


Southampton, Suffolk Col, N. Y., U. S. A.

(PCA, 6/19/1909, p. 2)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XLIX, Number 8381, Page 2. June 19, 1909.


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