History depends on the teller, 1879.

[Found under: “CAPTAIN JAMES COOK: The Discoverer of Australia, New Zealand, Alaska and the Sandwich Islands.”]


It was on the coast of the latter [Hawaii] that one of his boats was stolen on the night of February 13, 1779, and on the following morning, going ashore with a lieutenant and nine men, with the intention of seizing the native chief as a hostage for its return, he became involved in a quarrel and was killed with four of his men. His remains were treated with indignity, and only the bones were subsequently recovered and buried in the sea. A monument now stands upon the spot, and his memory is held in great esteem by the citizens of the present civilized Hawaiian Kingdom. The vessel of Cook’s expedition reached England by way of China and the Cape of Good Hope, in October 1780. His account of the voyage was completed by Lieutenant King, and published in three quarto volumes in 1784–5. Cook left a widow, who received a life pension of £25. Many compends of his voyages have since been published, but a really good work upon his romantic career remains to be written in the light of modern geographical and ethnographical sciences.

(New York Herald, 2/14/1879, p. 8)


New York Herald, Whole Number 15,516, Page 8. February 14, 1879.

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