Akua kii found at Kalamawaiawaawa, in Napoopoo, 1871.

[Found under “NU HOU KULOKO: Hawaii.”]

Stone god image.—Found recently was a stone god figure that was perhaps hidden by the people of old in the earth at an old house site, and upon that house foundation was built a new house for a man named Kaaimoku.

When he found it, it was something new for the people of that area, for this was the first time they saw a god which their ancestors foolishly worshiped—like Paul preached to the Athenians. Act 17:23. The nature of this akua kii pohaku is that it is indeed of stone, carved is a head, mouth, two eyes, and a nose, just like a wooden image is carved, but this god figure does not have arms nor legs. Its length is almost 3 feet, and its circumference is perhaps 2 feet, but I did not measure it correctly, and it is just my estimation. This akua kii pohaku was found on this past September 1st, at the ahupuaa of Kalamawaiawaawa, Napoopoo, South Kona. Kahu.

[Speaking of kii, I hear that there is a new exhibit at the Bishop Museum dealing with kii starting this weekend. Coincidentally a day after we posted the articles on Captain Cook’s demise, there will be shown a painting from 1779 done by John Webber, the official artist on Cook’s third voyage.]

(Kuokoa, 9/16/1871, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke X, Helu 37, Aoao 2. Sepatemaba 16, 1871.

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