Death of Mrs. Amika Keouli, 1921.



Mr. Editor of the Kuokoa, Solomon Hanohano, Aloha oe:—I ask for you kindness for an open space o the pride of the lahui [the Kuokoa Newspaper], for my bundle of tears of sadness, that being my dearly beloved mama passing on the road of no return, it will be for you to speed to where the sun appears at Kumukahi all the way to Haehae where the sun sets, so that the family and friends will know that my mama is no more; she has gone, she sleeps on the road of no return. Auwe, the pain of my heart for my dear mama who has gone afar. I will no more hear the voice of my mama calling, “Nela, how will I drink some of your milk?” Auwe, how sad! Continue reading

Akua kii found at Kalamawaiawaawa, in Napoopoo, 1871.

[Found under “NU HOU KULOKO: Hawaii.”]

Stone god image.—Found recently was a stone god figure that was perhaps hidden by the people of old in the earth at an old house site, and upon that house foundation was built a new house for a man named Kaaimoku.

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