Commentary on authenticity, 1904.

Another “God” Is Found.

Another ancient Hawaiian “god” has been found. Now and again, when times are dull, someone turns up with an old idol or god that has “undoubtedly been buried for a hundred years or more.” Bishop Museum contains many, the curio stores all have them and they are scattered all over the United States and Europe where preposterous stories are told about them to the amazed friends of travellers. From the number of these “ancient” idols that have turned up of late years one must be pardoned for wondering if the Hawaiians of two centuries ago did anything but make them. But on second thought one wonders how many months a “god” has to lie buried in the ground to take on the appearance of being real “old and rare.”

(Independent, 4/28/1904, p. 2)


The Independent, Volume XVIII, Number 2800, Page 2. April 28, 1904.

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