Manihiki immigrants sent home, 1871.

A Shameless Act of Hawaii nei!

On this past Thursday, the 22nd of June, the single-masted ship Lunalilo, a ship of 93 tons, left Honolulu nei, returning the remaining Manihiki people.

This single-masted ship is allowed under our Laws to carry only forty-seven passengers, but it was the Minister of this country who sent back the Manihiki numbering sixty-four men, women and children, without counting the number of sailors aboard the ship.

When the ship  left this port, there were no rooms below the ship to shelter the people, and the deck was full of water barrels, kettles to cook food, where they heated their meals, ten sheep and many other things. And it is upon this deck that it was thought to sleep and feed the Manihiki who numbered sixty-four for the 20 days that the ship sailed for the land. These Manihiki people sacrificed themselves to sit in the heat of the sun, and crouch in the cold and rain and the chill from the spray of the billows of the sea where there is nowhere that they will be protected from facing these hardships.

All the ships leaving Honolulu to return to the islands of Tahiti with sheep, have a space set aside for the sheep to shelter when they are on board. But our Ministers, they are acting as if the worth of the Manihiki people is less than the animals.

Not long more and the Japanese laborers will be returned to their land of birth upon a sufficiently large ship. The reason that this will be done is because of our Ministers, for the nation of Japan has warships, and should they be returned like this, like the Manihiki, the Ministers are suddenly afraid that Japan would be upset. But these weak Manihiki people cannot defend themselves like us; they are shamed and abused, because they cannot take this to court [? aole e hiki ke oni mai mahope].

O People of Hawaii nei! This is a embarrassing act that is second to none by Hawaii nei; the nation being seen as doing what is proper in fear of being waged war upon. Our nation is being spoken badly of by other nations because of the wrong done by these Ministers, and how will it be made right?

(Kuokoa, 6/24/1871, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke X, Helu 25, Aoao 2. Iune 24, 1871.

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