Third annual Hoolaulea, 1927.


Kamehameha schools celebrated their third annual Hoolaulea or Parents-Graduates’ Get-Together Day yesterday afternoon and evening with exhibits, games and programs lasting from 2 o’clock until late in the evening. The school faculty and pupils were the hosts to several hundred parents and alumni, and practically every phase of school activity was shown in some form.

It began at the girls’ school where the crowd was entertained from 2 to 3:15. There were exhibits of nursing, social science, English, commercial classes, mathematics, art, millinery and dressmaking in the main building, all shown and explained by pupils and teachers who acted as guides. Mrs. H. K. Stewart, president of the Alumni association, was also busily engaged in showing visitors about and answering question.


There was open house at the senior cottage where each senior spend 12 weeks at actual housekeeping under the direction of Miss Orr. The livest exhibit here was little Miss Sylvia Bale Neyler, the school baby who has had 19 mothers during the school term. Sylvia enjoyed callers immensely from her vantage point in Miss Orr’s arms, and gargled and chuckled as she tried to examine the visitors’s hats. There were also displays of home economics, a correctly-set table, selections of well-balance diets, art work and sewing.

Out on the terrace in front of the building was a demonstration of physical education, consisting of dances and calisthenic drills. At 3 oʻclock the alumni played volleyball against the students.

Then the crowd trooped across the street to the boys’ school. First was the preparatory department and guests were ushered through the dormitories, dining room, hospital, dispensary and school rooms. In the school rooms were shown a health-land poster exhibit and scenes on a visit to South America. Nature project work was conducted in another classroom, illustrating soils, insects and plant life.

The workshop exhibit showed a vertical sundial on the front porch, and indoors, dials and analemmas, pedestals and plaques, moulds, toys, pictures of duck-raising project, and plans and first progresses of the large sundial to be presented by the school to the Hawaii National park and placed near the observatory at Kilauea.


At 3:45 interest was centered at the school for boys. The nursery exhibit was of especial interest, showing the planting program and something of the way it is being carried out. The extensive work of the Bishop Estate in connection with planting material for the new school site was also shown, a complete exhibit of the sugar cane group, a relief map prepared by the Koko Head group to be used as a model for building up the Koko Head farm were also seen.

There were also exhibits of shop work, drawings, machine shop, tool room, auto shop, electrical, carpentry, printing, Bishop hall, science and dairy exhibits.

From 4:45 to 6 o’clock was devoted to games and recreation, featured by a baseball game between the alumni and varsity team.

Supper was served from 6 to 7:15 on the lawn, and at 7:15 Samuel Toomey, Sr. led in a 15-minute mass singing program. The evening program opened at 7:30, featured by an address by Judge A. G. Kaulukou of Kauai. The complete evening program was as follows:

Music—Kamehameha Boys’ school band; address—Hon. Abraham G. Kaulukou; music—Kamehameha Girlsʻ school orchestra; special number—Kamehameha Boys’s school; songs—Kamehameha Girls’ school glee club; songs—Kamehameha Boys’ school glee club; special number—Preparatory Department, Boys’ school; Song—Kamehameha alumnae; foodless banquet—(Tableau) Kamehameha Girls’ school; song—Kamehameha Alumni, School song in closing.

(Advertiser, 5/1/1927, p. 7)


Honolulu Advertiser, 70th Year, Number 14,428, Page 7. May 1, 1927.

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