Descendants of Hawaiian missionaries to Micronesia, 1951.


Editor The Star-Bulletin: May I be permitted through the medium of your column to call the attention of the descendants of the Hawaiian missionaries to a great event which linked the lives of their ancestors to the ministry in Micronesia and elsewhere in the Pacific ocean?

The year 1852 marked the fulfillment of the dream of the American Board of Missions to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian civilization over the isles that anchored in this broad span of the Pacific ocean from Hawaii nei.

On board the ship “Caroline” with Revs. B. G. Snow, A. A. Sturges and L. H. Gulick were two Hawaiian missionaries and their wives,  Daniel Opunui and Berita Kaaikaula, and they left the shore of their native land that their brethren in heathen lands may see the light of Christian religion.

The year 1952 marks the Centennial of this Hawaiian ministry in Micronesia. The Caroline and the Marshall groups are directly under America’s protectorate and our mission. However, and not to be forgotten, the Gilbert and Marquesas should not be left out.

Plans are under way to celebrate this great event here in Hawaii and Micronesia. The undersigned would like to get in contact with the descendants of the following missionaries, to see how we may be included in the program of that event, and whether or not we should perpetuate the memories of our loved ones in some way we may be able to do within our means. The list:

Daniel Opunui; Berita Kaaikaula; J. W. Kanoa; S. Kamakahiki; Kaaha; D. P. Aumai; W. B. Kapu; J. H. Mahoe; George Haina; Robert Maka; G. Leleo; D. Kanoho; J. D. Ahia; H. P. Nalimu; t. Kaehuaea; William N. Lono; Samuel K. Maunaloa; Z. S. K. Paaluhi; Martin Lutera; John Nua; David Kaai; Daniel P. Mahihila; Louis M. Mitchell; H. Aea; David Kapali; J. W. Kaelemakule; Kanakaole; Solomon P. Kaaia; Samuela W. Kekuewa; Isaiah W. Kaiwi; James K. Kekela; Samuel Kauwealoha; Alexander Kaukau; Lota Kuaihelanii; Paul Kapohaku; Levi Kaiwi; Z. Hapuku; J. W. Laialoha and S. Kapahi.

Descendant of Rev. S. Kahelemauna and Samuel P. K. Nawaa,
1454 Dement St.

(Star-Bulletin, 5/5/1951, p. 6)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume LVII, Number 18293, Page 6. May 5, 1951.

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