Francis Gulstan Ropert, 1892.


Confirmation of Father Gulstan’s Appointment to Succeed the late Bishop of Olba.

To-day’s mail has confirmed the news of V. Rev. Father Gulstan’s appointment as successor to the late Bishop of Olba. His official title is “Bishop of Panopolis.”

There is none among all the Fathers of this Mission that is a more worthy successor to the late lamented bishop than V. Rev. F. Gulstan. His appointment has caused universal satisfaction both among the Fathers and the Catholic population of these Islands. They all extend to him their hearty congratulations and they wish him a long and prosperous career.

The Bishop elect, V. Rev. Francis Gulstan Ropert was born in the diocese of Vannes, Brittany, France, in 1839. He was educated for the priesthood in the seminary of St. Anna and received his ordination in the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris on May 26, 1866. With three companions he left his native country Sept. 21st the year following and arrived here June 9, 1868. For 15 consecutive years he discharged the duties of the sacred ministry in the Hamakua and Kohala districts of Hawaii until he succeeded the V. Rev. Father Leonor at Wailuku, Maui, in 1883. Last year he was appointed Vice-Provincial of this Mission and in February of the current year he came to Honolulu, where he has ever since resided at the St. Louis College. After the death of the late Bishop he became Provincial and performed, in a great measure, the arduous church work of the deceased prelate.

(Daily Bulletin, 7/29/1892, p. 3)


The Daily Bulletin, Volume IV, Number 484, Page 3. July 29, 1892.

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