Neutrality proclamation reaches France, 1854.

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Journal Des Débats: Politiques Et Littéraires, Page 2. October 2, 1854.


Francis Gulstan Ropert, 1892.


Confirmation of Father Gulstan’s Appointment to Succeed the late Bishop of Olba.

To-day’s mail has confirmed the news of V. Rev. Father Gulstan’s appointment as successor to the late Bishop of Olba. His official title is “Bishop of Panopolis.” Continue reading

Francis Ii Brown honored with the French Croix de Guerre, 1918.


News was received from Paris, and written by him to his elder brother in Honolulu, about the French Nation giving the “Cross of War” to Francis Ii Brown, one of the children of Mrs. Irene Kahalelaukoa Holloway, and the reason he received this “Cross of War” was because of an act of bravery done; this Hawaiian Boy did not inform his elder brother in Honolulu in his letter the reason that he received this “Cross of War,” but it is clear that this “Cross,” was received because of an act of bravery he carried out. Continue reading

Horrifying death of Kuakua, 1866.

A Horrifying Death.—The previous night of Friday, there was a dastardly deed, something very frightening, in the uplands of Maemae. It would seem that in the middle of the night, someone familiar with the house went in and attacked Jules Dudoit, Esq. (Kuakua the one who was teaching people seafaring) until dead. That person also attacked the wife as well, but did not carry out his intent upon her. It is believed however that the wife will not survive and the two will perish at the heartless oppressive hands of the murdered. Continue reading

The Blue Bird, 1862.


[Unuhiia no ke Kuokoa.]


I KEKAHI MANAWA, E NOHO ANA kekahi Moi waiwai loa; a o kana wahine, ua make; a noho iho la ia me ka oluolu ole. Ewalu la o kona noho ana iloko o kekahi lumi uuku, o kana hana ka hookui i ke poo ma ka paia; aka, ua uhiia nae i ka pulu  i mea e eha ole ai ia. O na makaainana ona a pau loa, manao iho la e hele aku e ike, a e hooluolu ia ia; aole nae ona manao i ka lakou olelo. A Mahope, hele aku imua ona, he wahine i uhiia a paa i ka lole eleele, me ka uhimaka kanikau, me ka uwe ikaika loa, a kunana iho la ua Alii nei. Hookomo mai la ua Alii nei me ka oluolu, a no ka lilo loa i ke kamailio; nolaila, aole o laua olelo no ke kumu o ko laua pilikia.

[This is the beginning of another foreign kaao translated by J. W. Continue reading

Queen Emma travelling abroad a hundred and fifty years ago, 1866.

Queen Emma.

From what we heard last of our beloved Queen, she is staying at Hyeres in the south of France. We are happy to say that she is in very good health, and so too her entourage. In accordance with the kind invitation by His Highness, the Minister of the Navy [??? Kuhina o na moku], she went to tour the areas where the weapons are stored and the port of Toulon, and she was welcomed hospitably and treated with all honors appropriate to her position. A great feast was given in the evening of the day she went there. Continue reading