Horrifying death of Kuakua, 1866.

A Horrifying Death.—The previous night of Friday, there was a dastardly deed, something very frightening, in the uplands of Maemae. It would seem that in the middle of the night, someone familiar with the house went in and attacked Jules Dudoit, Esq. (Kuakua the one who was teaching people seafaring) until dead. That person also attacked the wife as well, but did not carry out his intent upon her. It is believed however that the wife will not survive and the two will perish at the heartless oppressive hands of the murdered.

At nine o’clock at night on Friday, the Chinese cook went to ask to go seaside of Honolulu nei, and he was graciously let go. At half past nine, Mrs. Dudoit went back to go to sleep. Later that night, her husband woke her to massage a pain in his back, and then went back to sleep. When she woke once again, there was the cold of the knife of the hands without aloha in her breast, and she saw a Chinese exiting the parlor.

The Doctors arrived and saw this and thought the wife would probably not survive, and would follow after to the same grave as her husband. Dudoit lived here for thirty years. He was the French Consul for some years. And until he died, he resided at the Office of the French Consul. Who of the two of them would have dreamed that they would die such a horrible and chilling death.

(Au Okoa, 7/23/1866, p. 2)


Ke Au Okoa, Buke II, Helu 14, Aoao 2. Iulai 23, 1866.

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