Hula at Laie Maloo, 1876.

[Found under: “Nu Hou Kuloko.”]

In the evening of the 8th of this month, there was Hawaiian hula performed here in Laie Maloo by some kumu, they being Kiaimakani (m) and Kekulani (f), and their students were Kahinu (f) and Kalo (f), the two of them being girls. There were many who went to see this foolish act. This began at 3 o’clock or a little after; and at 5 p.m., the deputy arrived and proclaimed in a loud voice, like this: “Hear me, all you teachers teaching the girls this immoral act, stop it, you must not do this again from this day on; and should you do it again, I will arrest you and sue you before a judge so that the law which you tread upon with your feet is enforced. When I heard this proclamation, I was filled with joy. Hoping that this will end the activity that these people devote themselves to day and night; no more will be the sounding of the puniu and the swift movements upon the drum. And there is this, I heard that hula will be be performed travelling around, and if that is true, I urge the men of the alii and respectable ones, if there are those who hula, let them be arrested so that the evil deeds of this vile snake is  put to an end. Aloha to you all, typesetting boys. With aloha.

J. K. Kuikuihoolue.

Laie Maloo, April 8, 1876.

(Kuokoa, 4/15/1876, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XV, Helu 16, Aoao 2. Aperila 15, 1876.

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