Sugar production, 1878.

[Found under: “NANU HOU HAWAII.”]

Prominent news in Kau.—Joseph U. Kawainui [Editor], Much aloha to you.—The sugar planting boys here in Kau are joyous because of the big rain. From the 29th of April until today, the rain continues. The planting of the cane cuttings [pulapula ko] is going on intensely. The prominent true news that I am telling you is this: When the cane of Naalehu was recently milled, with the solidifying of the new steam, with four acres of sugarcane being completed, there was 43½ tons of sugar, that is 10 tons plus per acre. This is the greatest amount of sugar. This surpasses Hawaii and the whole world. Hon. W. T. Martin harvested a quarter acre or a little less, that is only 26 filled ox carts. It is believed that if the entire acre is milled, it will produce 10 tons. When I heard these things clearly, I was ecstatic for the future.

May 5, 1878.  A Kalauli.

[There is perhaps not a single person here in Honolulu who believes this report. And there is perhaps not land in this world where sugar is planted that can get that tonnage. Editor]

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 5/18/1878, p. 3)


Ko Hawaii Paeaina, Buke I, Helu 20, Aoao 3. Mei 18, 1878.

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