City Photo and On Char, 1934.

Generous Offer

On Char of the City Photo makes a generous offer to his many friends and customers. A photo of the baby is something that is very dear to every parent, and can never be replaced. Many families desire to have their babies’ picture taken but feel that they cannot afford it at the present time. Time passes and before long the child has grown and it is too late. On Char offers to take the baby’s picture and file the negative away until the parents can afford to pay for the prints. This way you preserve the likeness of the child in a photograph before it is too late. There is no charge for taking the picture and filing away the negative. When you can afford it the City Photo Company will make the prints, you pay the regular price, no extra charge for this added service. On Char, proprietor of the City Photo Company, is located at 15 S. Hotel street.

(Advertiser, 5/14/1934, p. 5)


Honolulu Advertiser, 78th Year, Number 16,987, Page 5. May 14, 1934.


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