The original haole newspaper article, 1868.

[Found under: “LOCAL NEWS”]

The Volcano.—By the following letter from Sheriff Coney, of Hilo, written on the 18th instant, we have a brief account of the volcanic movements on Hawaii. The volcano is slumbering, but restless enough to show that another eruption of lava may occur before quiet is restored to the mountain. Mr. Richardson is an acurate observer, and we can rely upon his statements:

“Mr. Richardson, of Kapapala, in the Kau district, arrived here on Saturday night. He reports Kau still shaking, and says one can feel a shock at any time by sitting down on the ground. The earth is continually in motion, but when walking about one does not notice it. On Sunday, May 3d, he counted eighteen very perceptable shocks; they seemed to come from the same direction as the disastrous one of April 2d. At the Aamoku, between his place and the crater of Kilauea, the lava broke out and has flowed about half a mile, and is now flowing, or rather oozing slowly out of a crack (there being no crater.) Kilauea is not active, but there is some fire at night to be seen from the top of the crater. The natives at Olaa told him that the lava was flowing above the woods back of Hilo, but they thought it was a haole story, and they did not believe it. Some of the Hilo people thought they saw smoke there but it has been so cloudy and rainy that we cannot tell anything about it. Mr. Richardson thinks the seat of trouble is on this side of the mountain, above Hilo, and that we will have another big shock before it can find vent. We are having shocks every day and night here, not very heavy, but some of them makes us start for the door.

(Hawaiian Gazette, 5/27/1868, p. 3)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume IV, Number 19, Page 3. May 27, 1868.

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