Self-sufficiency, 1917.

The Poi Mill of William Henry.

This past Tuesday, purchased by the Hawaiian Poi Company [Hui Kuai Poi o na Hawaii] directed by Mr. Genet, were the kalo patches, the leased lands owned by Chun Kin of Kaneohe, and the poi mill of William Henry at Kaneohe, for the sum of $3,000. There are no debts between the two parties, it was a cash transaction. This is the first time the Hawaiians have risen up for themselves to feed all who live on poi. It is not for the other people to feed us. If this good endeavor is carried out, shouldn’t all the Hawaiian People get their poi from the Hawaiian Company at the Market?

(Puuhonua o na Hawaii, 7/27/1917, p. 4)


Ka Puuhonua o na Hawaii, Buke IV, Helu 30, Aoao 4. Iulai 27, 1917.

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