Kamehameha III pardons Linton L. Torbert, 1854.


Whereas, Linton L. Torbert was, on the 24th day of February, A. D. 1846, convicted of the offense of manslaughter, and fined the sum of two-hundred dollars; and whereas, the said Torbert was not the person who actually committed the manslaughter; and whereas, the conduct of the said Torbert has ever since been that of an honest hard-working and in every way exemplary man.

Therefore, be it known to all whom it may concern, that I Kamehameha III, King of the Hawaiian Islands, by virtue of the powers in me vested, do hereby grant a full and free pardon to the said Torbert for such offense; and do hereby restore him to all the rights, privileges and immunities of a Hawaiian subject, which he shall enjoy fully and freely as if said offense had never been committed.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand a caused to be affixed the great seal of my Kingdom, this 22nd day of May, A. D. 1854.


Keoni Ana.
[L. S.]

I am pleased about this pardon by the king; it is very appropriate. Because it was clear by  the trial of Torbert [Hulipahu] that he did not intend to kill that man, Aki; however he died without T.’s intent, and thereafter, Hulipahu lived righteously, and did right, strove, until this day. He did not give in to this evil or that evil; but lived very righteously under the Law of the  land, while associating with those who do right. Therefore this pronouncement by the king is very appropriate, as per the power given to him by the Constitution, to pardon the crime, and to restore to him all the rights of a Hawaiian subject.

[This English text of the pardon is from the Polynesian, 5/27/1854, p. 2.]

(Elele, 6/2/1854, p. 25)


Ka Elele Hawaii, Buke 9, Pepa 7, Aoao 25. Iune 2, 1854.

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