Strange death in Kahakuloa, 1865.

News from Kahakuloa.

O Ke Au Okoa; Aloha oe:

On the 17th of May that went by, on that day, Umi (f) was born of Kamalii (m) and Wae (f); she was a fine looking girl, but she soon died on the 8th of June; and perhaps I should with this writing explain the very strange way she died, and this is it:

She had a fever, and her whole body soon had terrible pain, and she did not sleep at all at night and her parents stayed awake being vigilant because of the affliction and the weakness of her body. Thereafter, her head began to swell, a large and soft lump; it was dreadful to look at.

Her head was wrapped in taro leaves, but the illness triumphed over her whole head; you looked at her and this tiny girl was so courageous with this affliction she had, being that this was while she was still young and she was soon gone to the everlasting side of the earth.

And in the afternoon of Saturday, the lump on her head burst at once, and a very shocking thing came out from her head, that is a Moo; it was like a Dragonfly [Pinao], and from the second lump, another Moo exited alive, and it landed on the hand of Wae, her mother; and when she brushed her hand, the Moo fell down and ran up the wall, and at that very moment, the girl died, after those new strange things were witnessed.

That is the news from a country district on this island. Aloha to you, the one published every week. Me ke aloha no.

L. K. Kauakea
Alele, Kahakuloa, Maui, June 12, 1865.

(Au Okoa, 6/26/1865, p. 4)


Ke Au Okoa, Buke I, Helu 10, Aoao 4. Iune 26, 1865.

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