Robert Wilcox in Turin, Italy, 1883.

Wilcox, the Youth Seeking Knowledge.

From the Italian newspaper, Il Mare, of the 4th of July, we found these words about Turin University, that being the university where our youth seeking knowledge, R. W. Wilcox [R. W. Wilikoki] is being educated at. These are the actual words:

“The examinations of the Military Academy of Turin were just completed on the 1st and 2nd of July, and the progress of that the Hawaiian boy, R. W. Wilcox was seen; he is a member of the Legislature of his homeland, and he is being learning Italian knowledge in our military academy, with the desire to spread benefits of the knowledge he seeks with the Hawaiian Archipelago that is far away from us. The conclusion of the examinations was progress.”

[I wonder if the 7/4/1883 issue of Il Mare still exists!]

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 8/11/1883, p. 1)


Ko Hawaii Paeaina, Buke VI, Helu 32, Aoao 1. Augate 11, 1883.


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