Queen’s Hospital, 1860.

The Hospital.

It was said in the report of Dr. Hillebrand that was printed in the Polynesian, the number of sick treated in the hospital from the 1st of August, 1859 until now, is 1,354! 835men, 519 women. Of these people, 107 are inpatients; 76  men and 31 women. There were 12 who died, and over 4,000 doses of medicines were administered. The hospital is currently at full capacity.

A new building is being constructed for the sick. It is a stone structure, 100 feet in length. The number of deaths was 13 from a total of 1,354 in that hospital; perhaps would be proper to let Dr. Hillebrand go and to assign a Hawaiian Doctor (Kauka maoli), that is Ukeke; it is for the Legislature to consider this.

(Hae Hawaii, 6/27/1860, p. 54)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 5, Ano Hou.—Helu 13, Aoao 54. Augate 27, 1860.

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