Mrs. Adelaide Kawaimakalani Wiltse Pua dies, 1919.


This past Monday, the doors of the County offices were closed as well as the courts, in commemoration of the death of Mrs. Adelaide Kawaimakalani Wiltse Pua, and the national flags were at half staff. Her funeral was held at the Catholic church at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and from there to the cemetery of Homelani. The casket bearers were Mr. Nailima, Henry Martin, Reinhart, Notley and Raymond Lucas. The entire police force lead the procession.

Mrs. Pua was born at Mana, Waimea, Hawaii, on the 27th of November, 1860, and until she proceeded upon that path of misfortune of Kane, she was 58 years old plus 10 months.

She was a daughter of Samuel C. Wiltse, who arrived here in Hawaii in the year 1858, during the time when Kamehameha the fourth was King. Her father was the chief clerk for the Parker Ranch, and he was a government surveyor. Mrs. Pua’s mother was of the Nawahine family.

Mrs. Pua’s first child with her first husband is Ernest Kaapuni, and in 1892 she married again with Mr. Pua in Honolulu, and from them was born Ruby, that being Mrs. King today.

Mrs. Pua was educated at the Catholic school in Lahaina and Honolulu, and she was a member of the Liliuokalani Society [hui Liliuokalani] until her passing.

She was a kind and humble woman, and she was a woman who had aloha for her husband and they spent these years together in aloha without any arguments between the man and his wife, and it was death that separated her. She was weakly for many years, and her husband was patient with her in all things. Aloha for the good mother of the home as she passes and is lost to us. God will lighten the heavy hearts of the husband and the children without a mother. The Hoku o Hawaii joins in with the family who are left without a mother in saying, “Aloha Mrs. Pua.”

(Hoku o Hawaii, 10/2/1919, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XIII, Helu 18, Aoao 2. Okatoba 2, 1919.

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