A Kauai story of Kauilani by Samuela Kapohu, 1869.

What they were reading 150 years ago.



The wondrous one of the forests of Kawaikini in Wailua, Kauai, and his descendants thereafter.

Published by Samuela Kapohu.

{Because we were asked by the public to print Hawaiian and haole Stories in our newspaper, and being that the newspaper is for the people, therefore, we agreed to print the Hawaiian Kaao below. However, we ask pertaining to the deceitful words and the superstitious words of the olden days, those are not something for us to believe in; it shows the great ignorance of our lahui of that time. As for the sins and obscene words, they are to be deleted by the writer of the Kaao from what he writes.}


A clarification.—This kaao has not been seen before in one of our Newspapers; but it is beginning to be shown amongst the communities of Hawaii nei.

However, if there are deletions or perhaps…

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