Hilo news from 1897.


Mr. Editor, —

Aloha nui:—There is a lot of rain these day in that wondrous land, and if you look up at Mauna Kea, snow has covered the mamane and it has been very cold these days.

The new section of road in the district is almost done. It is frightful to look at the road being constructed at the cliff’s edge of Laupahoehoe. It is several hundred feet from sea level—the wind roars. If it was widened to 20 feet in width, that would be great, for the drive trip is precarious, and there is another cliff above where you go, with rocks constantly raining down, and everyone of this district is very concerned that someone’s life will face ill fate when going on below. There is much fear about this news road.

There is a lot of fever spreading around this district.

On this past 17th of November, a wave pounded upon a fishing canoe, and it flipped over with 4 people aboard; 3 survived and one was unfortunate, his name was T. P. Kaaeae. His body was lost. He left behind many children and grandchildren and a wife grieving in sorrow, along with his family and many friends. Aloha for him. With aloha,

 * * * *

Laupahoehoe, North Hilo, Dec. 20, ’97.

(We were informed, T. P. Kaaeae is the father-in-law of our companion and friend Mr. James Mattoon, living in Laupahoehoe, Hilo. We mourn along with the family of the ill-fated one.

(Kuokoa, 12/31/1897, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXVI, Helu 53, Aoao 4. Dekemaba 31, 1897.


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