Mail delivery in Kona, 1869.

Pertaining to the Letter Carriers in Kona.

I have great praise for the work of the Letter Carriers from Kealakekua to  Waiohinu; great as well is my praise for the vigilance of the people of South Kona in regard to their Letters and Newspapers. At each group of houses [kauhale] all the way to Manuka, there is a Mail Box on the side of the rode, and it is there that the Letters that the kamaaina want to send are left, and it is there too that Letter Carrier leaves the Letters and Newspapers for that place. There are perhaps twenty Mail Boxes on that road. This is as per the decree of the Postmaster General [Luna Leta Nui], to carry the Letter Bag partially empty, delivering and picking up at each group of houses. This happened within this year in South Kona. But in North Kona, this is not happening, and perhaps in other places as well.

I believe that this inefficiency is partially due to the kamaaina. They do not ready boxes on the side of the street like in South Kona. I spoke with the Postmasters in Kailua and Kawaihae, and they are happy to give into the hands of the Letter Carriers all the mail for the people far away from the Post Office. Therefore, O friends and enlightened people, from Keauhou to Kailua, and Kekaha as well, make Mail Boxes and place them on the side of the street, at every group of houses, and you will receive your mail without any bother.

I also spoke with the Postmaster of Kawaiahae about how the Mail Bag is taken from Kiholo to Kekaha on Sunday, and he said that it is not necessary. This is what was said: the Letter Bag would reach Kealakekua on Monday afternoon. From Kawaihae to Kiholo on Saturday; it would remain there on Sunday, and on Monday, from there to Kealakekua.

It is clear that this is a transgression of the solemnity of the  Sabbath. The Letter Carriers cannot desecrate this day. The Government workers have no right to tread upon this, for it is under the protection of the Government. I hope that this improper thing is comes to an end.

L. H. Gulick [L. H. Kulika]
Kohala, Nov. 24, 1869.

(Kuokoa,12/4/1869, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke VIII, Helu 49, Aoao 3. Dekemaba 4, 1869.

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