About Kaauhelemoa, 1895.


This place remaining until this day to the north-east of Palolo valley and is surrounded by the mist of the cliffs most of the year is famous. In the old stories of Hawaii it is said that there was a supernatural champion fighting chicken of that place, and he was said to be a man-chicken and and chicken-man. He remained the victor before all of his opponents who stood before him; but there came a time that there appeared a champion chicken from Molokai (?), he was but a slim supernatural chicken, and it was he who thwarted the strength of Kaauhelemoa by actually entering the body of Kaauhelemoa, and started nibbling with his beak, and when he got out, Kaauhelemoa was in trouble, and flew to this place mentioned above, and scattered his feathers here and there, and growing there until today is a plant that very much resembles a chicken feather that is not found in other places in Hawaii nei. There is a large pool there and all varieties of kalo grow there until today.

During the final rebellion by Wilcox folks, he was found with his companions here, by the routed ones living here; and their vegetable food was kalo and their meat was steer from the mountain stirred up by gunshot.

On clear days, this place stands tall, and when it is adorned by mist, it takes on an awesome appearance. It is a majestic place above like a floating cultivated field in the heavens adorned by the dazzling mist of the rainbow.


[Might anyone know what plant is being referred to as resembling chicken feathers?]

(Makaainana, 3/25/1895, p. 7)


Ka Makaainana, Buke III—-Ano Hou, Helu 3, Aoao 7. Maraki 25, 1895.


1 thought on “About Kaauhelemoa, 1895.

  1. The plant that resembles the chicken feathers is a moss called hulu o Ka`auhelemoa. It is often used in lei (source: Treasury of Hawaiian Words in One Hundred and One Categories, Harold Winfield Kent). I haven’t been able to find any photos online of this moss or lei made with it.


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