More on Kiaaina, 1919.

Past Hundred Yet Is Active In Politics

An interesting fact has been brought out during the course of registering the comparatively few men who have so far put down their names as voters in Hilo. An even older man than H. Elderts, the Puna age marvel, has been discovered. He is Namaielua K. Kiaaina, a Hawaiian, born on Kauai in the year 1817. The old man gives his age as more than 102 years. Elderts, who has long been thought to be the oldest man in the territory, only claims to be 101 years of age, so Kiaainna, who resides at Honolii, takes the palm.

Among the other voters who have registered are men ranging in age from 81 to 21—with all the intervening ages well represented.

The registration of voters in the Fourth and Fifth Precincts is going on very slowly, according to Registrar Rickard, who this morning stated that although there should be at least 500 voters registered in Hilo proper and, with the new addition to the Waiakea precinct, fully 500 in the Fourth precinct, the fact remains that only 109 have registered in the Fourth, and 130 in the Fifth.

That the registrar wishes voters would hurry up a trifle and do their part in getting their names on the great register, is very evident from the remarks he made this morning. He pointed out that, although the register will not be closed until late next year, there is a lot of work to be done in connection with the registration of voters and adds that it will simplify matters if those entitled to do so get through with the job and register at once.

[Here is the Kiaaina appearing in this week’s Bishop Museum Mele Monday post. Did you see it yet? Click here to see the post.]

(Daily Post Herald, 11/13/1919, p. 1)


Daily Post Herald, Volume XII, Number 939, Page 1. November 13, 1919.


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