Namaielua Kaikioewa Kiaaina, 1921.

Don’t Worry, Live Long, Kamaaina Centenarian Says

Sprightly Citizen of 104 Calls at Tribune Office, Tells Longevity Secret

Do you think you have any chance of living more than a hundred years?

Follow the simple, temperate and non-worrying habits of N. K. Kiaaina, of Wahiawa, Hanapepe, Koloa, and you may go beyond the century mark. Kiaaina will be 104 years old the 21st of next month. So far as is known he is the oldest inhabitant of the Island of Hawaii. Continue reading


More on Kiaaina, 1919.

Past Hundred Yet Is Active In Politics

An interesting fact has been brought out during the course of registering the comparatively few men who have so far put down their names as voters in Hilo. An even older man than H. Elderts, the Puna age marvel, has been discovered. He is Namaielua K. Kiaaina, a Hawaiian, born on Kauai in the year 1817. The old man gives his age as more than 102 years. Elderts, who has long been thought to be the oldest man in the territory, only claims to be 101 years of age, so Kiaainna, who resides at Honolii, takes the palm. Continue reading