Death of Miriam Hanauumi Kekoa, 1920.



Mr. Solomon Hanohano, Editor of the Kuokoa, with appreciation:—Please allow me some space of the Kuokoa for my lei, my wife.

At 9 a. m., on the 30th of March, 1920, Mrs. Hanauumi J. P. Kekoa swiftly departed at the home of her grandchild, Emma Malolo and Mrs. Pilipo Kaaihue on this day, at Kaimuki, 5th Ave.

My dear wife was born of the loins of Kamalolo (f) and Uluhua (k) of the numbing Kipuupuu rain of Waimea, S. Kohala, Hawaii, in 1857. We were joined in the covenant of marriage on Feb. 9, 1898, and therefore we lived 23 years or more in marriage when she left me.

This is a short genealogy for her: Namaka (m) married Kaoiokalani (f) and had six children, Uluhua (m) was the second child. Auwae (m) married Hulimai (f) and had Kamalolo (f); Kamalolo (f) married Uluhua (m), and had Hanauumi; her first marriage was where Kaululaau had his contest at Keaea, and she gave birth to a daughter; when the sun shown in 1902, the rays fell upon the daughter; she gave birth to to children, the first was a son, and Emma Malolo was the second.

We lived for nine years at Puaikaula, near the Kamehameha Fort (ka papu Kamehameha), at the many lochs of Ewa, Oahu. She persevered in breathing as she suffered debility for a long time.

Mrs. Hanauumi J. P. Kekoa, was a member of Kaumakapili Church when W. N. Lono was the kahu in 1900. There were two of them who joined at the same time, they both were Catholics; Mrs. D. L. Keliipio and Mrs. J. P. Kekoa; she was always wanting to do God’s work as she was able to do. The things she accomplished remain as a memorial in the ebb and flow.

I, her daughter who is left without a mother, her grandchildren, and family, and her husband who is left to grieve, give our thanks to those who came to see her and her journey of no return, as well as the gifts of floral adornments,

Yours truly,

(Kuokoa, 4/23/1920, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 17, Aoao 3. Aperila 23, 1920.


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