Kauluwela School Lei Day program, 1948.

Kauluwela School May Day Program Is Scheduled

Folk dances, hulas, singing and a health pageant have been scheduled for Kauluwela school’s May Day program Wednesday.

The program begins at 10 a.m.

# # #

Joy Palakeko is May Queen. Her attendants are Shirley Salmon, Adriene Hee, Jean Matsumoto, Georgenia Gruveia, Barbara Shin, Mary Ah Mee, Betty Lou Cooper and Irene Evangelista.

# # #

David Aki is health king.
The program follows:

Processional—king and queen and their attendants.
Crowning of queen.
Presentation of leis to queen.
Song. “May Day is Lei Day,”—assembly.
Selections by toy orchestra—kindergarten and 1st grade.
Dance, Chimes of Dunkirk—1st grade.
Dance, This is the First of May—2nd grade.
Song. “Merry May”—5th grade.
Dance, “Norwegian Mountain March”—3rd grade.
Dance, Virginia Reel—Brownies.
Song, “May Day is Lei Day, Too.”—glee club.
Hula dances—hula club.
Dance, Point Your Toe—3rd grade.
Dance, Lei vendor—5th grade.
Oriental dances—6th grade.
Wand drill—cubs.
Health pageant and May pole dance—4th grade.
Song, “For You a Lei,”—assembly.

[Did you see Bishop Museum’s post this morning from Kauluwela School’s May Day that year? So cute!]

(Star-Bulletin, 4/27/1948, p. 11)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume LIV, Number 17351, Page 11. April 27, 1948.


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