Inheritance of Moses Kekuaiwa, 1859.


Be it enacted by the King, the Nobles and Representatives of the Hawaiian Islands, in Legislative Council assembled:

That the Minister of Finance be authorized to pay to the Heirs of his late Royal Highness, Moses Kekuaiwa, the sum of six thousand eight hundred and forty 4-100 dollars, being principal and interest on sundry amounts received by Government for the sale and lease of portions of said M. Kekuaiwa’s land of Koloa, island of Kauai.

Approved this 9th day of May, A. D. 1859.


(Hae Hawaii, 5/25/1859, p. 31)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 4, Ano Hou,—Helu 8, Aoao 31. Mei 25, 1859.


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