Kumalae ukulele in Utah, 1916.

Opening Sale and Demonstration Extraordinary


In Music SectionMain FloorAll Week.


We have taken the agency for the celebrated Kumalae Ukuleles. These instruments are made of genuine Hawaiian Koa wood, are of the standard size and shape, hand-made throughout. A ukulele expert will demonstrate these wonderful little instruments in our sheet music department all week.

These instruments are distinctive for their beautiful tone quality and finish. They are superior to all others inn materials used and details of workmanship. They are easy to play and once mastered, give the player a feeling that he or she has accomplished something artistic and worth while.

We show them in several grades at prices ranging from $3.95 to $18.50. Instructions for playing are included with the better grade instruments, or may be purchased at trifling cost.

Music SectionMain Floor.

(Salt Lake Tribune, 10/1/1916, p. 7)

The Salt Lake Tribune, Volume XCIII, Number 170, Page 7. October 1, 1916.

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