Newspapers and periodicals, 1834–1906.


Periodicals published in these islands during the past seventy-two years:

1834—Ka Lama Hawaii, Hawaiian, at Lahainaluna.

1834—Ka Kumu Hawaii [Ke Kumu Hawaii], Hawaiian, at Lahainaluna.

1836—Sandwich Island Gazette, Honolulu.

1838—Hawaiian Spectator, Honolulu.

1839—Sandwich Island Mirror and Commercial Gazette, Honolulu.

1840—Polynesian, Honolulu.

1841—Nonanona, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1843—The Friend, Honolulu.

1844—Ka Elele Hawaii, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1844—Hawaiian Cascade and Miscellany, Honolulu.

1845—The Monitor, Honolulu.

1846—Sandwich  Islands News, Honolulu.

1847—Oahu Fountain, Honolulu.

1849—Honolulu Times.

1850—Transactions of the Royal Hawaiian Agricultural Society, Honolulu.

1852—Weekly Argus, Honolulu.

1852—Amateur, Honolulu.

1853—New Era and Weekly Argus, Honolulu.

1855—Ka Elele E, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1856—Pacific Commercial Advertiser, weekly, Honolulu.

1856—Sandwich Island Monthly Magazine, Honolulu.

1856—Sandwich Island Magazine, Honolulu.

1858—Hae Hawaii, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1859—Ka Hoku Loa Kalavina, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1860—Hae Karitiano, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1861—Maile Wreath, Honolulu.

1861—Hoku o ka Pakipika, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1861—Kuokoa, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1864—Au Okoa, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1864—Church Magazine, Honolulu.

1864—The Convention, Honolulu.

1865—The Hawaiian Gazette, Honolulu.

1866—Maile, quarterly, Honolulu.

1866—Ke Alaula, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1866—The Daily Hawaiian Herald, Honolulu.

1869—Punch Bowl, Honolulu.

1869—Bennett’s Own, Honolulu.

1868—Hae Katolika, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1870—Hawaiian Times, Honolulu.

1871—Ka Lau Oliva, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1872—The Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1872—Punahou Journal, Honolulu.

1872—Punahou Reporter.

1873—Nu Hou, The Hawaiian News, Honolulu.

1876—Ka Lahui Hawaii, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1876—The Islander, Honolulu.

1875—Punahou Mirror, Honolulu.

1875—Hawaiian Annual, Honolulu.

1878—Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1880—Saturday Press, Honolulu.

1880—Ka Elele Poakolu, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1882—Daily Bulletin, Honolulu.

1882—Pacific Commercial Advertiser, daily, Honolulu.

1882—Planters’ Monthly, Honolulu.

1883—Anglican Church Chronicle, Honolulu.

1883—Hoku o ke Kai, Hawaiian, monthly, Honolulu.

1883—Hoku o ke Kai, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1883—Koo o Hawaii, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1884—Daily Hawaiian, English, Honolulu.

1884—Hawaiian Monthly, Honolulu.

1884—The Morning Guide, Honolulu.

1885—Honolulu Daily Press, Honolulu.

1885—O Luso Hawaiiano, Portuguese, Honolulu.

1886—Daily Herald, Honolulu.

1886—Hawaiian Chinese News, Honolulu.

1886—Na Lani Ehiku, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1887—Alakai o Hawaii, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1887—Ke Karistiano, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1887—Ka Makaainana, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1887—Hawaiian Gazette, daily, Honolulu.

1888—Aurora Hawaiiano, Portuguese, Honolulu.

1888—Paradise of the Pacific, Honolulu.

1888—The Owl, Honolulu.

1889—Handicraft, monthly, Honolulu.

1889—Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1888—Gazette and Pacific Commercial Advertiser combined.

1890—Honolulu Daily Times, Honolulu.

1890—Kiai o ka Lahui, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1890—National Herald (Ka Ahailono o ka Lahui) English and Hawaiian.

1890—Voice of the Nation (Ka Leo o ka Lahui), Honolulu.

1891—Diocesan Magazine, Honolulu.

1891—Hawaii Holomua, Hawaian, Honolulu.

1891—A Uniao Lusitana-Hawaii, Portuguese, Honolulu.

1892—Appeal, Honolulu.

1892—Japanese Weekly News, Japanese, Honolulu.

1892—The Liberal, Honolulu.

1892—Ka Malamalama, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1892—Chinese Times, Chinese, Honolulu.

1893—A Sentinella, weekly, Honolulu.

1893—Hawaii Shimbun, Japanese, Honolulu.

1893—Hawaiian Star, Honolulu.

1893—Twentieth Century, Japanese, Honolulu.

1894—Progressive Educator, Honolulu.

1894—Y. M. C. A. Review, Honolulu.

1895—Aloha Aina, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1895—The Hawaiian, monthly, Honolulu.

1895—The Hawaiian Commercial Journal and Maritime Report, Honolulu.

1895—Hinode Shimbun, Japanese, Honolulu.

1895—The Independent, Honolulu.

1895—The Time, Honolulu.

1895—Volcano, Japanese, Honolulu.

1895—Yamato, Japanese, Honolulu.

1896—Anasagashi, Japanese, Honolulu.

1896—As Boas Novas, Portuguese, Honolulu.

1896—O Directo, Portuguese, Honolulu.

1896—Hawaii Herald, Hilo, Hawaii.

1896—Hilo Tribune, Hilo, Hawaii.

1897—Chinese Chronicle, Chinese, Honolulu.

1897—Hawaii’s Young People, Honolulu.

1897—The Kona Echo, Kona, Hawaii.

1897—Ka Loea Kalaiaina, Hawaiian, Honolulu.

1897—Shin Nippon, Japanese, Honolulu.

1898—The Hawaiian, English, weekly, Honolulu.

1898—Sunday Eagle, English, Honolulu.

1898—Yamato Shimbun, Japanese, Honolulu.

1899—Austin’s Hawaiian Weekly, Honolulu.

1899—The Guide, Honolulu.

1899—Hawaiian Home Journal, Honolulu.

1899—Searchlight, Honolulu.

1899—Sunday Volcano, Honolulu.

1900—Honolulu Republican, daily, Honolulu.

1900—Humane Educator, Honolulu.

1900—Iolani College Magazine, Honolulu.

1900—The Liberator, Honolulu.

1900—A Liberdade, Portuguese, Honolulu.

1900—The Maui News, Wailuku, Maui.

1901—Kuokoa Home Rula, Hawaiian and English, Honolulu.

1901—Side Lights, Hilo.

1901—Sun Ching Bok Wo, Chinese, Honolulu.

1902—Gossip, Honolulu.

1902—Honolulu Times, Honolulu.

1902—Spokesman, Honolulu.

1902—Student, Honolulu.

1902—Maile Lehua, English, Honolulu.

1902—The Mirror, Honolulu.

1903—Official and Commercial Record, Honolulu.

1903—Sunday Advertiser, January, Honolulu.

1903—The Tourist, Honolulu.

In 1839 the First Church of Honolulu gave to the Oregon Mission a printing press, furniture, type and paper, valued at $450. The press did good service for years and is now in the museum at Portland, Oregon. It was the first press used on the Pacific slope.

[I bolded the Hawaiian language newspapers in this list.]

(PCA, 7/5/1906, p. 5)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XLIV, Umber 7459, Page 5. July 5, 1906.


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