Leprosy patients released, 1920.


Honolulu, July 9, The Board of Health announced the release of 30 leprosy patients from Kalihi, those who were recently treated by the new medicinal oil researched by Professor Dean of the University of Hawaii, and these released patients will return to their homes, and right after being examined by the Board of Medical Examiners [Papa Komisina o na Kauka]. Also announced by the Board of Health that perhaps no more patients will be sent to Kalaupapa in the future if they go to Kalihi at the right time and are treated by this new method.

News arrived from Washington confirming the true value of this medicinal oil for Leprosy, and there is an order to supply the Fatherland [Aina Makua] with this type of oil, and some patients who have this illness in the father land of America will be treated with it. This is excellent news in the world, and we strongly urge our Hawaiian People, do not be skeptical of this newly cure that appeared in this world, and perhaps this is the hand of God assisting the misfortunate people who contracted this scary disease.

Hawaiians are encouraged, that when the slightest sign of this ailment is seen on someone, they should go to Kalihi without delay, and stay there without spending a penny to be cared for. We see proof of the curing of this type of illness, so why would you be scared of going somewhere where you will be cured?

(Hoku o Hawaii, 7/15/1920, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XIV, Helu 7, Aoao 2. Iulai 15, 1920.


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