The Hokuao left on June 23? 1881.

[Found under: “NOTES OF THE WEEK.”]

Departure of the Morning Star.—The missionary brig Morning Star, Captain Isaiah Bray, left this port on the afternoon of the 23rd inst., on her usual cruise to advance the cause of religion, and to aid in the enlightenment of the inhabitants of the Micronesian islands. A large number of friends to the undertaking, prominent among whom were His Excellency H. A. P. Carter, Rev. Dr. Hyde, Rev. S. C. Damon, Rev. W. Frear, Rev. A. O. Forbes, Rev. Mr. Bingham, Rev. Mr. Baldwin, Rev. H. H. Parker, S. B. Dole, Esq., Mr. P. Cushman Jones, and many ladies, assembled on board the vessel to take part in the religious services held on board before departure, and also to bid God speed to Mrs. L. V. Snow and Miss Cathcart who were going as passengers and workers in the cause. After the religious services the vessel got underweigh at 4 p. m., and was piloted outward under the direction of Capt. Babcock: Dr. Hyde and Rev. Mr. Forbes accompanying the departing missionaries to the outer buoy.

(PCA, 6/25/1881, p. 3)

Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXV, Number 52, Page 3. June 25, 1881.



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