Rich treated differently? 1881.


This past Sunday, the steamer “City of Sydney” arrive in this port, and aboard was the millionaire Spreckels [Ona Miliona] from San Francisco. He came to visit his property here in Hawaii nei. But this Tuesday, he boarded the Likelike and sailed for Kulaokamaomao without being quarantined as per our quarantine law. What is with this? Is this action by the Minister of the Interior [Kuhina Kalaiaina, H. A. P. Carter] to let him go unequally? We want “Independence;” the Attorney General [also H. A. P. Carter] to clearly explain before the people this action taken by the Minister of the Interior, so that they can understand the reason for this haphazard treatment by one of the leaders of the people. And also for him give his opinion on this perplexing question of the day. We hear that some other haole were allowed to go to Maui on that same ship without being quarantined. There is much to complain about should these many stories that are spreading are true.

[It seems that both position of Minister of the Interior and Attorney General were held at the time by H. A. P. Carter.]

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 6/18/1881, p. 3)

Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Buke IV, Helu 25, Aoao 3. Iune 18, 1881.


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