Claus Spreckels refuses quarantine, 1881.

[Found under: “NOTES OF THE WEEK.”]

Claus Spreckels Esq. and Mrs. Spreckels arrived per Steamer City of Sydney, on Sunday morning at 3 a.m. Mr. Spreckels then proposed to get on board the Steamer Kilauea Hou, and proceed direct to Kahului, Maui. But the President of the Board of Health, present at the time, objected; and insisted that inasmuch as Mr. Spreckels had come ashore, he must go into quarantine for six days, to complete fourteen days, since his departure from San Francisco. Mr. Spreckels considered that there was no occasion for his going into quarantine, as he had not had any intercourse with the town, and refused to do so. On the next day, Monday 10 a. m. Mr. Spreckels received a permit to depart per Kilauea Hou; but wishing to remain in town, and visit his new mansion, he delayed his departure and left per Likelike on Tuesday afternoon.

(PCA, 6/18/1881, p. 3)

Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXV, Number 51, Page 3. June 18, 1881.

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