Nawaaeha saves his wife and the public, 1881.

Nawaaeha Praised—This past Wednesday, smallpox appeared on the wife of Nawaaeha of Pauoa. The wife was alarmed and fled to Makiki, thinking she would hide there. Her husband went after her and found her in the street, and took his wife to the Jail [Halewai]. The wife implied her husband was acting without aloha. Nawaaeha replied, “I know of this sickness; I was one of the sick in 1853, and the Government cared for me until I was well, and if it wasn’t for the Government, I would have died. This is my aloha for you, and for the public, my taking you to where you will be isolated [hoomalu] while being cared for until you are well; your idea to go to Makiki would be death, and would spread the sickness amongst those who are healthy.” That is the news that we received; and we call this man, Nawaaeha, by doing this, he is wise, and a good leader for his people to copy. Mahalo to you, Nawaaeha.

[What choices are you making today to save your family, your friends, your community?]

(Kuokoa, 2/12/1881, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XX, Helu 7, Aoao 3. Feberuari 12, 1881.

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