Jonah Kumalae poi ad, 1920.

I Give 18 Pounds Per Dollar, and the Chinese, 14.

I sell eighteen pounds of poi for a dollar, while the poi that the Chinese are selling is just fourteen pounds for a dollar; and still there is no Chinese poi remaining. It was hard to get poi at my poi factory these past weeks because of the loss of workers, but now I have sufficient workers, therefore, you will not go without poi if you come visit my poi factory, except from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday.

(Alakai o Hawaii, 10/6/1920, p. 1)

Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Buke VIII, Helu 41, Aoao 1. Okatoba 6, 1920.

3 thoughts on “Jonah Kumalae poi ad, 1920.

  1. Where did you dig these up? I am very interested because Jonah Kumalae is my great grandpa. I’ve never seen any articles like these before.


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