Vital Statistics, 4/23/1870.


April 10—At Koolauloa, married by Rev. H. Kauaihilo, were S. E. Teia (m) and Liki (f).
April 11—At Hauula, married by Rev. H. Kauaihilo, were Apono and Napae (f).
April 10—At Hauula, married by Rev. H. Kauaihilo, were Oliwa (m) and Pohaku (f).


March 28—At Makawao, Maui, Kapule (m) died.
April 3—At Kalaepohaku, Kani (m) died.
April 4—At Kalaepohaku, Loloku (m) died.
April 1—At Kalaepohaku, Puna (m) died.
April 5—At Kalaepohaku, Moananuikalehua (m) died.
April 7—At Kalaepohaku, Kahawalu (f) died.
April 8—At Kalaepohaku, Palanui (m) died.
April 9—At Kalaepohaku, Kauai (m) died.
April 11—At Kalaepohaku, Hana Bell (f) died.
April 11—At Kalaepohaku, Maikunu (m) died.
April 14—At Kalaepohaku, Kumukumu (m) died.
April 7—At Kunawai, Kulike (m) died.
April 5—At Puunui, Kuhuluku (f) died.
April 9—At Puunui, Naipu (m) died.
April 1—At Kapalama, Ioane (m) died.
April 5—At Kapalama, Ihumoku (f) died.
April 2—At Kapuukolo, Kaili (f) died.
April 7—At Kapukolo, Maihano (f) died.
April 9—At Kikihale, Ioane (m) died.
April 1—At Kikihale, Malia (f) died.
April 11—At Leleo, Keliinaholoa (m) died.
April 15—At Makaka, Mauaole (f) died.
April 18—At Waikele, Ewa, Jack Watson (m) died.

(Kuokoa, 4/23/1870, p. 3)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke IX, Helu 17, Aoao 3. Aperila 23, 1870.

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