Vital Statistics, 4/30/1870.


April 13—At Honolulu, married by Rev. H. H. Pareka [H. H. Parker] were Ah Cham (m) and Manini (f).
April 17—At Honolulu, married by Rev. H. H. Parker, were Kaulinamoku (m) and Kalehuamakanoe (f).
April 21—At Honolulu, married by Rev. H. H. Parker, were Kaopua (m) and Halekika (f).
April 17—At Waipio Uka, married were Kahele (m) and Kahinu (f), Maaikaloa (m) and Konohiki (f), by Kulekana [Gulstan].
April 24—At Hauula, Oahu, married were Ioane Naumiumi (m) and Kamaka (f). By Rev. H. Kauaihilo.


April 21. At Manoa, born was Naomi, a boy.


Jan. 30—At Hanalei, Kauai, Kalihilihi (f) died.
Jan 31—At Kana, Kauai, Kaleiki (m) died.
Feb. 5—At Kanoa, Kauai, Nomohala (m) died.
March 17—At Kalihikai, Kauai, Kapolei (f) died.
March 20—At Iwa, Hanalei, Maka (f) died.
March 21—At Hanalei, Kapioho (m) died.
March 25—At Waioli, Hanalei, Pauelua (f) died.
March 27—At Puhipae, Hanalei, Ioane (m) died.
March 28—At Lanihuli, Kauai, Kahuole (m) died.
March 30—At Puhipae, Helau (m) died.
March 28—At Makawao, Maui, Kapule (m) died.
March 5—At Manoa, Oahu, Kaeleha (m) died.
March 6—At Manoa, Oahu, Nahuewailama (m) died.
March 21—At Manoa, Oahu, Muolo (f) died.
March 22—At Manoa, Oahu, Paele (m) died.
April 8—At Manoa, Oahu, Upai (m) died.
April 27—At Oahu, Lokalia P. Kaholonale (baby) died.
April 2—At Napoopoo, S. W. Makaainana (m) died.
April 16—At Koauka, Waipio, Palaau (m) died.
April 29—On the estate of Keoni Miki, Honolulu, Kuihelani (m) died.

(Kuokoa, 4/30/1870, p. 3)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke IX, Helu 18, Aoao 3. Aperila 30, 1870.

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