Vital Statistics, 2/6/1920.


Keano Okamoku to Keliikaluaomailani Fu Tai, Jan. 20.
John Lewis to Lilia K. Apana, Jan. 23.
J. Kaapuiki to Helen Kaomea, Jan. 28.
John A. Watson to Christina K. Kapu, Jan. 31.
A. R. Vierra to Juliet K. Perry, Jan. 31.
Henry K. Punohu to Emily Bonaparte, Feb. 1.


To Charles Keahiolalo and Elizabeth Kahue, a son, Mar. 17, 1912.
To Cheong Yee and Annie Kam Lum, a daughter, Jun 6, 1917.
To John Wood and Sarah Silva, a daughter, Aug. 26, 1919.
To Poe Kaaiai and Hannah Kamai, a son, Oct. 1919.
To Joseph Hale and Ma, a son, Oct. 23, 1919.
To David Kunukau and Amy Kunukau, a daughter, Aug. 4, 1919.
To Manuel De Mello and Lucy Lukela, a son, Dec. 13, 1919.
To Philip Gaberiela and Lily Akau, a daughter, Dec. 7, 1919.
To D. K. Sheldon and Charlotte Mossman, a son, Jan. 25.
To Andrew Keaunui and Louisa Manase, a son, Jan. 28.
To Francis D. Rosehill and Carrie Bannister, a son, Jan. 28.
To William Freitas and Ruby Neill, a daughter, Feb. 1.
To Jack Naheana and Annie Poe, a son, Feb. 2.


Lucy Maui, at Wailele, Kalihi Uka, Jan. 27.
Kaohai Hall, Jr., on South Street [Alanui Hema], Jan. 28.
Robert Kalei, on Liliha Street, Jan. 28.
Meleana K. Lincoln, at Queen’s Hospital, Jan. 29.
Mary Kauwila, on South Street, Jan. 29.
Joe Kaai Aki, on Auld Street, Jan. 29.
Andrew K. Williams, at Moanalua, Jan. 30.
Frank Tin Fook, at the Children’s Hospital [Halema’i o na Kamalii], Jan. 30.
Charles Keawe, at Leahi Home, Jan. 26.
Joe Kaamana, on Queen Street, Jan. 28.
Emma Medeiros, on Keawe Street, Jan. 28.
Daniel Kelii, on Pua Street, Jan. 31.
Hattie Jones, at the Insane Asylum [Halema’i Pupule], Jan. 31.
Mary Keaulana, on Bernice Street, Feb. 3.
Charles K. Spencer, on Emma Street, Feb. 1.
Mrs. Annie L. Chai, on Akana Street, Feb. 2.

[Notice how some of the birth announcements go back a long time. They are printed when they get reported. It is important when doing research not to limit your searches to the approximate year you think an event happened. Things often get reported years later!]

(Kuokoa, 2/6/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 6, Aoao 4. Feberuari 6, 1920.

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