A petition to keep Kalani Peters as bandmaster of the Royal Hawaiian Band, 1917.

Desire of Some to Retain Peter Kalani

At the meeting of the Board of Supervisors [Papa Lunakiai] on Tuesday night, a letter signed by voters of the 4th and 5th Districts was read, pertaining to retaining once again Peter Kalani as the bandmaster of the Hawaiian Band, instead of Baker [Robert Hoapili Baker], who was appointed as bandmaster to take his place.

In the letter it says that the board should consider carefully, and that this perhaps can be remedied before the leaving of some members of the band on the 1st of November, when the band begins to play again, being that this is their vacation month.

(Puuhonua o na Hawaii, 10/5/1917, p. 1)

Ka Puuhonua o na Hawaii, Buke IV, Helu 40, Aoao 1. Okatoba 5, 1917.

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